Sarah Warren

The Warren Homestead in Overland, Missouri: Our love of native plants started when Sarah wanted to add beauty to the landscape while having low maintenance plants on our large 2-acre property. We were (and still are) battling many invasive plant species in our yard, and it is so wonderful to see areas that were an overgrown nuisance full of color: plants, insects, birds, and mammals! Our efforts are continuously paying off as every year we see new-to-us species enjoying the flowers, trees, and shrubs we have planted in recent years.

While native plants and animals are always a focus of our landscape, we also work every year to increase our sustainability through homesteading practices: gardening, beekeeping, backyard poultry, orchards, and we’re working towards using more renewable energy and water harvesting. We have a personal goal to plant at least two more shade trees on our property as many of our trees are aging and reforesting in a suburban landscape is a part of our native planting focus.