Melissa Moulton

  • LOCATION: north of Forest Park, Saint Louis City
  • Small multi-function urban landscape supporting nature and the family dog
  • Sunny backyard but building shade challenges front and side yard plantings
  • Ideal plant selection and careful use of cultivars critical to manage small spaces
  • Landscape certified Silver in St. Louis Audubon Bring Conservation Home program

This small city landscape uses native plants in a traditional garden design that fits its urban neighborhood. Boxwoods are next to coneflowers, arborvitae next to coral bells, junipers next to Joe Pye Weed.

The front yard offers a mix of evergreens with native Missouri primrose, heuchera and wild hydrangea. The back yard forgoes traditional lawn for a mostly no-mow yard of violets, smartweed, and clover. At 20 feet by 40 feet, the back yard allows only small areas of sun, part sun or shade conditions, so the challenge is finding small-scale specimens to fit. For example, Eastern Redbud nativar “Rising Sun” will top out at just 8-12’ when mature.