Lori Schuster

Lori’s nearly one acre landscape in Webster Groves, Missouri includes a large open woods, rain garden and gravelly sunny pseudo-glade, all with semi-formal landscaping. Over the past eight years, Lori has cleared nearly all of the wintercreeper and bush honeysuckle and replaced both with Missouri native plants, all made easier by a Deer Creek Watershed Alliance rainscaping grant.

Lori is eager to share her experience with the following topics:

  • Protecting new plantings from kids, rabbits, and deer (or at least trying to)
  • Methods for labeling plants and organizing records (aka what did I plant where?)
  • When to draw the line on the more exuberant native plants
  • Ideas for borders and paths and their benefits

Lori’s yard and woods is inhabited by native grasses, sedges, forbs, ferns, shrubs and trees plus a great number of insects, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, AND five kids and a dog. SO, things may not always be pretty, but they will always be full of life!