Leslie & Tom Tupper

  • LOCATION: near Greensfelder Park in St. Louis County
  • A mix of native and non-native plants (plus non-native koi) tucked in a natural setting.
  • Landscaping features include paver patios, earth pond, gazebo, retaining walls, a woods deck, walking trails, stepping stones, stairs, and fencing. Narcissus, iris, vegetable, and herb gardens.
  • Moderate walk/hike around the property. Not suitable for anyone with balance or mobility constraints. Tick repellant recommended.

Leslie and Tom had given little thought to identifying native and non-native plants until their St. Louis Audubon Bring Conservation Home consultation in 2013. The report recommended adding native plants in a few areas that are prone to erosion as well as in the areas where significant invasives would be removed. Eradicating, planting, and erosion control is ongoing, and deer browse is an issue for which there is no simple remedy.

While the 3-acre lot is predominantly an oak woodland, there are several other native tree species across the landscape. Several kinds of mushrooms, mosses, lichens, ferns, vines, and native shrubs make their home along the paths. Animals seen and/or heard include coyotes, red fox, groundhogs, opossums, racoons, chipmunks, squirrels, bats, frogs, turtles, and lots of deer. Birds include owls and various birds of prey, 5 types of woodpecker, many songbirds, turkeys, herons, and more. It’s a special place for the Tuppers and the wild things.