Joan Ziskind

  • LOCATION: Ballwin, Missouri
  • Professionally designed front and side yards installed in 2016 and 2019
  • Flowers in bloom from spring through fall
  • SILVER certified in St. Louis Audubon Bring Conservation Home program

What started as an effort to help the birds, bees and butterflies has become a wonderful opportunity to learn about and enjoy a wide variety of plants, as well as the visiting pollinators and birds. The front yard contains over 40 species of native perennials including Threadleaf Blue Star, Bee Balm, Prairie Blazing Star, Cliff Goldenrod and Aromatic Aster. The small side yard has Native Hydrangea, Ostrich Fern, Solomon’s Seal and a lovely Red Buckeye. The backyard has moisture-loving plants including Mist Flower, Buttonbush and Swamp Milkweed. The landscape design and detailed plant list will be available on-site.

Follow the front yard path to the stone benches and sit in the middle of the flowers to watch bees gathering pollen, the occasional butterfly sipping nectar, and birds at nearby feeders. Relax on the backyard patio or walk up the steps to the shaded deck overlooking the pond with colorful koi, and listen to the birds and sounds of gently falling water.