Don Richardson

  • LOCATION: Kirkwood, Missouri
  • A “traditional,” sunny front yard filled with native beds, minimal turf with naturalized ephemeral wildflowers, and a cascading stream along the front stairs.
  • A more functional backyard with two patios (dining and fire pit) surrounding a koi pond and waterfall with shade, sun, woodland, and water gardens.
  • Fruit trees, a vegetable garden, and small turf ‘play’ area (with ephemeral wildflowers) complete the view from a second story deck and sunroom.
  • The gardens are fully accessible.
  • SILVER certified in St. Louis Audubon Bring Conservation Home program (prior to recent upgrades).

Built in 1940, this traditional, neighborhood house sits on 1/4 acre in the middle of Kirkwood. Inspired by native gardening classes, Don began in 2018 to convert the non-native landscape into a native, English, perennial-style garden, “formal in design, formal in layout, but INformal in planting.” The design parameters included compatibility with the neighborhood “look,” low maintenance, 4 season interest, functional living and dining outdoor spaces, and an integrated vegetable and fruit garden. In early 2021, the addition of two water features (koi pond and stream), a patio, and walkways finalized the space and accelerated native plant introductions. Don looks forward to sharing his garden’s pleasures, surprises, lessons learned, and future plans with you during your tour of this young, native landscape.


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