Cathy Pauley

  • LOCATION: just west of Kirkwood, Missouri
  • Large suburban lot with highly visible front yard plantings
  • Plantings of various maturity levels
  • Regular deer presence has led to deer-resistant plantings
  • Cathy has been gardening all her life and believes native can be neat and pretty
  • She owns and manages Papillon Perennials

The goal of Cathy’s front yard landscaping is to show people that it is possible to have a native landscape that is neat and tidy. She lives in the Kirkwood area and wants the property to look attractive from the street. The planting was installed in 2019 and still has some maturing to do.  She loves all wildlife especially pollinators and many of the plant choices were made with them in mind. Deer are a regular presence, and much of the layout showcases plants that are typically of little, if any, interest to them.

Cathy’s back yard underwent a huge hardscaping project in January 2022 to solve erosion problems. The area was planted with mostly natives at the same time and will be evolving for a while. She loves to support the native songbirds and many of the plant choices were made to provide food for them in fall and winter. Cathy is hopeful she will also have a small water feature installed by early summer 2022.