Atkins Acres Educational Farm

  • 17- acre in-progress demonstration farm property with a newly built farmhouse and shop for farm equipment
  • Pollinator beds, Monarch Way Station, iPollinate Research Bed
  • Vegetable gardens with produce donated to the local food pantry
  • Woodland with a creek
  • Three ponds for fishing and Frog Watch USA participation

Atkins’ Acres Educational Farm was created in September of 2020 when Mark and Kim Atkins needed a place to park their RV. The row crop property was perfect as it had established blackberry bushes, established asparagus and room to build a barndominium. Kim is a Master Gardener who always wanted a garden where she could walk between the rows of vegetables. They both love the outdoors and wanted to create a learning environment where 4-H, scouts and youth groups can learn how to be good stewards of the environment. The farm is a veteran-owned 501(c)3 non-profit organization.